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About Bollard Post & Rails

SA Bollard Post and Rails are suppliers and installers of quality Bollard posts and rails.  Rails can be bolted to the face of the post, and posts can be dropped or bolted to almost any surface. A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post and is generally used to guide traffic and define perimeters, such as posts arranged in a line to obstruct the passage of motor vehicles and/or pedestrians. We supply and install throughout Southern Africa and neighbouring countries.

Fences are upright structures of varying heights that work as a railing or barrier and define an area. They’re made of two elements: posts that go into the ground and a fence fabric that stretches between these posts and allows for airflow.
Bollard Post and rail fences guide vehicle or pedestrian traffic to particular access points like gates or spaces in the fences. Bollard fence rails can be installed as civil suggestions or as impenetrable security barriers.
Bollard fences are usually built to withstand the force of vehicle impact.
“Bollard fencing” may be designed by placing bollards with different materials between them, where the bollards stand for the fence posts and the chains between them stand in as the fence fabric.

SA Bollard post and rails have various fencing options to choose from including glass, mesh, chains, vertical poles, wire cables, ropes and laser cut centres.

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